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PSA: New Halifax chapter for World BEYOND War

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – World BEYOND War, a global nonviolent movement to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace, is starting a chapter in Halifax.

This article serves as an introduction to World BEYOND War, to educate Haligonians on what this organization is all about, and hopefully inspire others to get involved. I want everyone to know that they can make a difference!  

The organization has three main areas of focus: 

  1. The No Bases Campaign. The purpose is to close down American bases in foreign countries because they do more harm than good. For a more detailed explanation, I encourage readers to visit our website at 
  2. Divestment of Weapons. To divest from weapons means, organizing to remove public and private assets from weapons manufacturers, military contractors and war profiteers.
  3. Peace education. Last but not least, there is Peace Education. Resources are based on knowledge and research that expose the myths of war and illuminate the proven nonviolent, peaceful alternatives that can bring us authentic security.

I am pleased to take on the role of Chapter Coordinator because I believe in what the organization stands for. 

When I came across the link for World BEYOND War I quickly realized that they were a good fit for me and I wanted to volunteer with them. I immediately reached out to David Swanson (one of the co-founders) and Greta Zarro (Organizing Director), only to learn that there was no local chapter. I was asked if I would like to start one and I replied with, “Sure, why not?” 

The official kick off for the new chapter in Halifax will take place on February 28th, in the main lobby of the Halifax Central Library, between the hours of 12-4 pm. 

Please stop by the table and say hello and see what World BEYOND War is all about. I look forward to meeting you!

Tracy Oakley.