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Letter: Are we really ready to open child care centres?

Why are day care centres opening on June 15th and not the schools? Is it because children under 4 are not as susceptible to Covid-19 as older children? I would think the opposite would be the truer picture.

Having assisted in raising 5 grandchildren at various stages of their development, I have observed the propensity for them to contact many viruses and pass them along to others .  

What about social distancing? How do you impose that on a two year old child? Do the centres ignore that and create a massive  bubble? What rules and guidance from the Department of Health has  been given to the centers? In a confined environment such as a day care centre young children will intermingle as young children are bound to do, hugging, kissing  and in each others faces. They also tend to put everything in their mouths before passing it along to others.

I recognize that the early childhood development program focuses on teaching children how to get along and to respect one  and another’s space among other educational learning techniques. which many times must be a difficult chore requiring much patience and understanding. My hat’s off to you for your dedication.

I wonder what guidelines were given to the directing staffs of the government funded centers and how much warning in advance they were given before making the decision to open all centers so soon. Why was 50 % enrollment chosen and who decides which child is allowed into the program? This must be a conundrum for the parents and staff involved.

I realize that we must strive to get the economy back up and running, but at what expense? Do we risk the lives of the early childhood educators or others including parents and families for the sake of supposedly getting parents back to work.

I know it must have been a hard decision to make and I would not have wanted to be responsible to make that choice .

But can we not hold back on the reins until we’re sure that the horses (workers) are ready to go?


A concerned citizen and grandparent   

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