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Petition: End femicide and misogyny in Nova Scotia. An inquiry now!

Sign the petition here.

The mass murders in Nova Scotia were not “senseless.” 

They were predictable.

We, concerned about the well-being of women and girls in Nova Scotia,

1. Ask for a public, independent inquiry with a feminist analysis of the persistent pattern of Nova Scotian women beaten, burned, sexually assaulted, stalked, strangled, shot, stabbed, tortured, trafficked, murdered (femicide), disappeared, and dismembered.

2. Let the inquiry happen on Nova Scotian turf. This worst mass murder in Canadian history happened here!

3. Examine the misogyny within the Nova Scotia culture and within the RCMP policies and practices that ignore warning signals of male violence against women, femicide, and mass shootings.

4. Ask that this inquiry has a healing and caring framework for all children, women, and men who have been harmed by this mass killing.

Sign the petition here.