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Op-ed: #22ReasonsWhy we are calling for an inquiry

  1. Because 22 people, including a pregnant woman, were murdered in less than 24 hours, and each of these murders was preventable.
  2. Because the victims’ families asked for a public inquiry and were denied.
  3. Because the murders are rooted in gender-based violence and misogyny.
  4. Because a woman or girl is killed every 2.5 days.
  5. Because most murdered women and girls are killed by men known to them.
  6. Because kids deserve to grow up safe from misogyny and gun violence. 
  7. Because every year there are 1,300 firearm deaths.
  8. Because rural women face a higher risk of domestic violence. 
  9. Because living in a rural area increases the risk of being murdered with a firearm.
  10. Because 100 people were killed by police in Canada from 2017-2020.
  11. Because police dismiss 1 in 5 sexual assault claims as baseless.
  12. Because without compelling testimony, the truth will not to be told. 
  13. Because the calls for a public inquiry come from all sectors of society.
  14. Because this tragedy must drive systemic and structural change.
  15. Because only recommendations from a public inquiry can be enforced.
  16. Because this is the largest mass shooting in Canada in our lifetimes.
  17. Because criminalized communities, sex workers, people who use drugs, trans, Black, Indigenous and racialized people have taught us that policing has never been about our safety.
  18. Because (ex)police should not investigate police.
  19. Because the police and government are accountable to the people.
  20. Because we’ve lost trust in leaders and institutions and their closed-door decisions.
  21. Because we deserve to understand what happened.  
  22. Because we demand accountability, transparency and justice

General Strike for a public inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass shooting

On Monday, July 27th at noon, we are calling for a Canada-wide 22 minute-strike.

Join in person or online.  https://www.facebook.com/events/722064005033457?active_tab=about

We ask that you stop what you are doing and demand that our leaders call for a comprehensive public inquiry of the largest mass murder in Canada in our lifetimes. 

Flood their inboxes with emails demanding a public inquiry. Tag their social media accounts telling them all the reasons why we need a public inquiry.

Here are 22 reasons why, but we are sure that you can think of more.

Emails: JUSTMIN@novascotia.ca; Bill.blair@parl.gc.ca