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Natal Day: When a holiday isn’t a holiday

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – On Monday August 3 Nova Scotia celebrates Natal Day – a day off with pay for the lucky 28% of workers who are represented by a trade union. However it’s likely a normal work day for the rest of us. 

The government reports that Natal Day is a civic rather than a statutory holiday. There are only 6 statutory holidays in Nova Scotia throughout the year – we tie with Newfoundland and Labrador for the lowest number of paid days off work. 

Stores and businesses open are on Natal Day. If your boss wants you to work, you must work. And you will work for your regular pay; there is usually no premium paid for work on Natal Day. 

For the next paid day off work, you will have to wait till Labour Day, Monday September 7. If you want to get a paid holiday on Natal Day next year, please contact me to find out how to organize a union. 

How the rest of the country lives:

BC10 paid holidays per year

Judy Haiven is on the steering committee of Equity Watch, a Halifax-based organization which fights bullying, racism and discrimination in the workplace. You can reach her at equitywatchns@gmail.com

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    1. Natal Day is on Monday, August 3. Labour Day is on Monday, September 7. You have confused the two holidays.

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