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Media release: Concerned teachers and parents to hold #SafeSeptemberNS assembly at One Government Place

A group of teachers and parents concerned about the Liberal government’s back-to-school plans will hold a #SafeSeptemberNS Assembly at the Granville entrance of One Government Place on Monday, August 10, at 10 a.m.

“Every teacher wants to be back in the classroom with our students, but there are so many questions that remain about everyone’s safety, among other matters,” said Christine Emberley of Educators for Social Justice – Nova Scotia. “Physical distancing in classrooms is impossible without additional funding for smaller class sizes, for example.”

Participants are encouraged to write questions on signs which they will hold up for passersby. Some of those which have been suggested are: Why do I need a mask at the mall, but not in school? If students are “cohorting” with teachers, what about substitute teachers who travel to many different schools? What about after-school programs? What is the threshold for triggering a shutdown of a family of schools? Who prepares at-home learning for immunocompromised students who have to stay home from school?

Those gathering will be wearing masks and standing 2 metres apart from each other at the assembly. A group of 30 teachers will also arrange themselves in “classroom formation” to demonstrate how much space is needed for a full classroom of students to learn safely. 

Educators for Social Justice – Nova Scotia is an independently organized caucus of Nova Scotia teachers and allies, whose goal is to advocate for greater social justice in our schools and communities. For more information see