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PSA: Justice for Kayla Borden, August 28

Hosted by  Abolish the Police – Halifax/Kjipuktuk

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Join us on August 28th from 2-4pm to demand justice for our community member Kayla Borden. 

On July 28, 202 Kayla Borden was racially profiled and arrested by 6 Halifax Regional Police Officers.  

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Kayla has asked that we center community healing, therefore this gathering is focused on bringing joy, art, laughter and supported healing for our community. 

There will also be an opportunity for community members to voice their experiences of harm with the HRP in the attempts to seek justice and healing together. 

Please join us for an afternoon of community healing and justice. 

If you cannot be there, please join us by writing individual complaints and send to Police Superintendent Greg Mason. 


Part 1

1. Information on what happened: Names of officers involved. Name of officer who arrested Kayla. Name of officer that questioned Kayla. 

2. Accountability: Review on what cultural training and anti-Black racism training officers are undergoing. Implement training immediately for entire department. Officers involved charged for illegally arresting a civilian and fired from HRP. 

3. Incident to be reported and information provided on the alleged person (White man driving Toyota) who was supposedly in pursuit. 

Part 2

1. An intersectional lens is needed for race and gender as well as an analysis of policing and gendered violence. 

2. A full transparent complaint process with an intersectional lens with Black women involved in the review. 


Power in numbers! Let us come together to demand justice for Kayla and the recurring racist treatment of Black and Indigenous bodies in Halifax and globally. 

“When spiders webs unite, they can tie up a lion”- African Proverb 

A note about safety: * A legal team will be in place to protect demonstrators *

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, please wear masks (except those who can’t for other health reasons) * For protection of demonstrators, when taking pictures please take from the back and not include faces unless you have permission.