Media release: The purpose of the survey is to determine candidates’ stances on key issues related to policing, ahead of the upcoming municipal election on October 17, 2020. Topics covered in the survey range from the Calls for Justice from the Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, to the HRM budget and the delivery of policing services by the Halifax Regional Police and RCMP.

On september 25th 2020, Climate Strike Halifax, A.K.A schoolstrike4climatehfx will hold a socially distanced climate justice rally. As a society we are currently experiencing many overlapping crises and do not have the luxury of complacency. Therefore, we continue to strike in the name of climate justice in a covid-friendly manner to show government that we are #notgoingback to normal.

The Webinar will address Canada’s silence as Bolivia approaches its long-overdue October 18, 2020 elections amidst widespread persecution of human rights defenders, journalists, indigenous leaders and political leaders in Bolivia, including the targeting of Canadian citizen and former Halifax resident, Juan Tellez, current Mayor of Betanzos, Bolivia.

Today, actions are taking place across the country to call for full and permanent immigration status for all. In the early hours of the morning, migrant justice group No One is Illegal – Halifax/K’jipuktuk (NOII-Hfx) attached a banner to the Halifax Regional Municipality’s welcome sign on Highway 102, which reads “Status for All: No one is illegal.”

This weekend’s documentary, Martha Stiegman’s In defense of our treaties, looks at the fishers of Bear River First Nation, in Annapolis County, who proudly held on to their treaty rights and insisted on fishing the waters of the Bay of Fundy on their own terms, not on terms imposed by the Department of Fisheries.

We first posted this video in 2016, but with all that’s happening these days in Digby County, not all that far from Bear River, a re-post is warranted.