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Group builds small structures for people experiencing homelessness in Halifax

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KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – With homelessness numbers in HRM at alarmingly high rates a group of anonymous volunteers has decided it’s time to act. They are building small structures for people experiencing homelessness.

The number of chronically homeless in Halifax doubled between October 2019 and November 2020. In the past month alone, the number has gone from 477 to 492, the Affordable Housing Association of Nova Scotia reports.

“We are currently working toward securing permission from various landowners to place as many as we can. We currently have one built and one spoken for. We will be getting started on additional structures next week,” the group announces in a Facebook post.

“The current housing situation in Halifax (and across the country) is horrendous and very distressing. We are a local anonymous group of volunteers who are tired of inaction, hoping to build as many as are needed to help folks avoid the outdoors and live with some dignity.”  

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“This is NOT a solution to homelessness, this is an act of desperation in order to literally save lives, preserve public health, and to put pressure on the powers that be to house people NOW,” they write.

In a comment the group explains that they are working closely with people who know how to best serve those in need. As well, they commit to do everything in their power to avoid using the very people they want to help as political pawns or targets.

The structure is expensive to build at around $1100 for new building supplies. The group hopes to work toward building two or three of these a week.  

The group is asking for financial and material support. You can reach them at HalifaxMutualAid@riseup.net

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  1. Kendall Worth here!

    Good idea for a temporary solution. My question is:

    ” I wonder where they are going to locate these Structures?”

    However as I read through this I agree it is a well thought out plan.

  2. Hey its a good initiative and really like the idea. I am an Architect by profession and i am working as a building designer in Truro. I wanted to be a part of it but don’t’t know how may be the team can contact me at vicky99k@gmail.com.
    I can help them in designing, execution and many other possible ways.

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