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Press release: 25-year-old stages lone protest in bitter cold

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Kjipuktuk/Halifax Grand Parade, Ecocide Protest Camp-Out:

I have recently returned from the moose blockade camp in Digby County after two weeks of being a forest defender.

When I heard an injunction had been served against the forest defenders this weekend, I came to the decision to camp out on Grand Parade in protest against the Nova Scotia Government’s inaction regarding key environmental issues and in support of those who defied the injunction to protect mainland moose habitat.

I strongly believe that there is no denying we are in the middle of a climate and ecological crisis.

While governments at all levels–municipal, provincial AND federal–have acknowledged this, THEY HAVE YET TO ACT.

The provincial government has the power to act on the crisis by:
– halting clear cuts,
– protecting species at risk,
– canceling the Alton Gas storage facility,
– and Saving Owl’s Head.

All of these actions would have a positive effect on protecting important ecosystems and habitat that are invaluable to sequestering greenhouse gasses. However, the NS government continues to ignore the evidence and claims these issues are not connected and thus is failing to act in the best interest of the people it serves.


Since covid began, the democratic process (such as it is) in NS has been halted.

Nova Scotia is the ONLY province to use Covid 19 as an excuse to not have its elected assembly sit since March.

They have repeatedly stonewalled citizens’ attempts to address concerns about these pressing issues. However, regarding Covid 19, the province listened to expert recommendations and was rewarded with one of the lowest infection rates in Canada.

Why then, will the government not listen to experts when they repeatedly convey the steps that need to be taken, and the urgency in which they need to be taken concerning the ecological and climate emergency we are in?

Instead, the provincial government moves at a snail’s pace while lacking transparency, when dealing with important issues that will not only affect us today, but also the next 7 generations.

The provincial government seems to believe that it is unaccountable to its own people.

It continually approves policies and initiatives that favour corporate profit over a sustainable future during a climate emergency. When the DLF Minister would have people arrested and removed from his office, rather than simply agree to a future meeting, what are citizens to do? When a Minister ignores a petition signed by over 29,000 people, what are citizens to do? When a Minister will not respond to a coalition of groups and citizens willing to camp out on remote logging roads to get his attention, what are citizens to do?

It is evident that democracy is in decay in this province as the government ignores such a strong and unified call for engagement. As a consequence, people like me are left with nowhere to turn, and no faith left in our political structure or our leaders.

I have bore witness to how environmental issues have been handled in this province my entire life, ignored by one government after the next. 

For me, City Hall stands as a representation and symbol of the government.
Since the government is nowhere to be found on these issues, at least here I can focus my anger and despair at a symbol.

I am staging this protest because of all these reasons and my disillusionment towards those that call themselves “leaders.”

My demands list some of the issues which have garnered much public attention and support. The government could remedy these issues if they chose to listen to the voice of the people.

I believe Nova Scotia could be a climate leader, but the province has a long way to go.

I encourage anyone who wishes to show support to come by and say hello!
All are more than welcome to come join me for a night or two. Donations are appreciated but not necessary.

Please feel free to reach out to me at
— with Jacob Fillmore.