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Update: The Nova Scotia Advocate in 2020

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – 2020 was a rotten year for almost everybody. But misery tends to politicize people, and this year we almost doubled our readership, approaching a million unique views. Our weekly digest has over a thousand subscribers. 

In 2020 97 different folks wrote for us. Some almost every week, others just once. All in all we published some 600 articles, almost two per day.

In 2020 we paid our freelance writers close to $9,000. Another $1,500 or so was spent on web hosting and other technical stuff.

Meanwhile, thanks to our wonderful donors we still have over $1000 in the bank. That’s a nice little buffer giving us much needed flexibility. Yea donors!

All this without a paywall and without advertisements.

With a special thanks to our generous donors who make publication of the Nova Scotia Advocate possible.

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  1. Congratulations Robert and Friends of NS Advocate!! A wonderful and powerful contribution to the culture and presence of protest in NS.

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