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PSA: Seeking interview participants: African Nova Scotian experiences with policing in Halifax



Hello, my name is Jessica Bundy, I am a researcher from the  University of Toronto. I am currently conducting a project on African  Nova Scotians and their experiences with policing in Halifax and  urban Nova Scotia. The project is being run from the Centre for  Criminology and Sociolegal Studies at the University of Toronto.

I am  interested in hearing more about African Nova Scotians’ experiences  with policing, including how they felt about the street check inquiry  and ban, and how their experiences with police impact their lives. The  interview will include questions related to personal background,  perceptions of and experiences with the police and the best  strategies for dealing with racial profiling from a community  standpoint.  

To take part you must be African Nova Scotian and  live in Halifax/Dartmouth or surrounding area. 

There are no right or wrong answers to any questions.  I’m only seeking your honest opinion. 

All interviews will be completely confidential. 

All interview participants will be compensated  $25.00 for their time. 

To arrange an interview or to learn more about the study  contact Jessica Bundy at 902-692-1158 

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