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Media release: Halifax youth will be participating in the Global Climate Strike on March 19th


On March 19th 2021, youth around the world will be holding actions in support of the climate justice movement. As for Halifax, School Strike for Climate Halifax has organized a COVID safe sign protest. We have collected signs from youth across the city with powerful climate justice related messages for the government. 

We will be hanging these signs around city hall Friday afternoon in conjunction with actions happening around the country, all taking place on March 19th. The theme of this action and all happening in the country is “No more empty promises.” 

In the past School Strike For Climate Halifax has organized many protests. Our most successful one was in September 2019, where 10,000 people joined us in the fight for climate justice. 

Abigail Steeves, a coordinator for School Strike For Climate Halifax says: “It can be difficult to focus on the big picture in the world we currently live in. We are living through multiple crises and although it is difficult, we have to make sure we don’t forget about climate justice in the midst of the pandemic. It is up to our world leaders to create a better world for the next generation where the youth can live their childhood in peace without the extra stress of the climate and inequality crisis.” 

Lilian Hougan-Veenema, an organizer with School Strike For Climate Halifax says: “Even during these uncertain times it is important that we continue to stand up for justice and remind politicians that we will not go anywhere until real, tangible action is taken.”