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Press release: NS Federation of Labour reacts to 4 paid sick days for Nova Scotia workers

Finally, paid sick days for Nova Scotia workers

Nova Scotia Federation of Labour President Danny Cavanagh is pleased with today’s announcement from the provincial government that workers will be able to get 4 paid sick days.

“We have been lobbying for paid sick days for a long time and through our campaign work, we know almost 500 people have sent letters to government in support of paid sick leave. Four days will be very helpful to thousands of workers right now as they so desperately need paid time off to protect themselves, their families and their co-workers. The Nova Scotia Government plan offers one day more than what Ontario and BC have allotted for their workers.

“Also, there is no requirement for doctor’s notes and we are very pleased workers can have paid time off for getting vaccines,” says Cavanagh.

He says that although access to the four paid sick days will be available til the end of July, the Federation of Labour will continue to push for more paid sick days to be permanently enshrined in the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Act.

“This pandemic will not end on July 31, and as we have said many times before, we are willing to work with the government to establish the plan for permanent paid sick days for all Nova Scotia workers,” says Cavanagh.