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Media release: Campaign launch – Housing is health – Nova Scotians are calling on their government to build or acquire 33,000 units over the next 10 years


KJIPUKTUK (HALIFAX, NS)- Today the Nova Scotia Action Coalition for Community  Wellbeing (NSACCW) is launching a new campaign calling on Nova Scotians to sign an open letter to the  Premier and the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing. The digital campaign states  that the Affordable Housing Commissions report lacks a rounded analysis and accompanying  action plan to create real, long-term change for all Nova Scotians, particularly those in greatest  housing need. The open letter calls on the Premier and the Minister of Infrastructure to accept  that housing is a human right and that housing is health and urges them accept the Housing for  All Working Group’s paper, Keys to a housing secure future for all Nova Scotians and to  implement all 95 recommendations. 

Colleen Cameron from the Antigonish Anti-Poverty Coalition states; “The effects of housing  insecurity carry on over a lifetime and into future generations, touching every aspect of our  society and costing billions of dollars in preventable expenditures and lost income. Access to  good quality, safe, environmentally sustainable, affordable housing is a human right and the  foundation of community wellbeing. Ensuring this access not only makes common (economic)  sense, but it is also the right and just thing to do.” 

Alec Stratford the Executive Director and Registrar for the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers  states that “The Affordable Housing Commissions’ recommendations lack a crucial analysis of  the risks of financialization on the affordable housing market, a lack of recommendations  regarding protection for tenants, and missed the opportunity to address low income and social  assistance rates and does not name the long-term investments needed to ensure housing for  all.”  

Mark Culligan a Community Legal Worker with Dalhousie Legal Aid Service agrees “The Province of Nova  Scotia has been passing the buck on affordable housing for 30 years. Nova Scotia needs to start building  33,000 new social housing units now.”  

“The Nova Scotia government must invest $531 million each year for the next 10 years to  ensure that these units can be built or acquired and maintained. Housing is not just about  supply; the government must also commit an average of an additional $161 million per year to  operating spending over those 10 years to ensure that Nova Scotians have adequate  community-based support services based on need, so they can live a quality life.” states  Stratford.  

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For more information contact Alec Stratford, (902)410-2420 

About us: NSACCW consists of community members dedicated to working strategically and  collaboratively towards community well-being and a better quality of life for everyone.