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Media release: Students launch election campaign for a just Covid-19 recovery

HALIFAX/KJIPUKTUK – This provincial election, students are presenting a vision for a just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in Nova Scotia. The Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia is launching the Vote For The Future campaign and will be outside Halifax Central library on Tuesday at 12:00pm for an outreach action.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to hardship for all Nova Scotians,” said Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia Chairperson Kris Reppas. “For students this has meant moving to online classes, taking on more debt, housing and food insecurity, and prospects of a challenging and unpredictable job market. This election, students are looking for parties to demonstrate their commitment to a just recovery from COVID-19 for all Nova Scotians.” 

The Vote For The Future campaign will help students access voting information and will highlight students’ issues to parties and candidates. The campaign recommendations cover the following issues: 

  • Access to post-secondary education;
  • Fairness for international students;
  • Employment and housing;
  • Climate justice; and
  • Anti-racism and reconciliation.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed so many systems to their breaking points,” said Reppas. “Building a better future coming out of COVID means making post-secondary education accessible and addressing students’ immediate needs. It also means putting us on a path toward climate justice and taking action to address racism and colonialism.”

“We have the means to take this moment of crisis and push us into the future,” said Reppas. “Students are engaging this election through outreach, action, and casting ballots to hold parties accountable to the commitments we need today so all Nova Scotians can thrive tomorrow.”

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