Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald: “There is, from our perspective, a flawed and dangerous risk to Bill C-7 that may not as yet have been considered—in particular the consequences of societal sexism and relational violence. It is our concern, experienced over the past 28 years of developing supportive care for women who have suffered massively as a consequence of being born into families or having married a male spouse who were non-state torturer-traffickers.”

“For us feminism is not a ‘dirty’ word. For others the word seems to be scary or spells “danger.” Our call for a feminist analysis was ignored by federal and provincial governmental departments during their deliberations on how to address the mass shooting atrocities of a man whose actions or behaviours can only be described as evil.” Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald on what the scary word is all about.

Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald on the need for a provincial inquiry with a feminist lens focused on confronting the degrees of men’s violence, including femicides, inflicted against women. “An inquiry must stay local—be voiced locally—to extend healing support and provide a local say in re-designing a non-violent culture for our future.” TW: descriptions of misogynist torture and other acts of male violence against women and children.