RCMP have arrested at least 8 people camping out at the blockades in Digby County. Earlier Westfor had served a temporary injunction against the forest defenders who for almost eight weeks blocked access to woods flagged for clearcutting in the remote area.

PSA: orestry companiy Westfor Seeks Injunction against Forest Protector Blockade. (this morning, in court). We encourage you (NOW!!) to call or email your MLA, Department of Lands and Forestry, and Westfor to express support for those protecting our forests. If the injunction goes through, XRNS will not be able to encourage people to go to the blockade, or even perhaps to encourage them to call Westfor and demand they halt their clearcut. –BUT our issue is not with the company – it is with our own government who is hiding behind this corporation.

Press release: Two blockades on crown lands to protect mainland moose in the New France area, Digby County, may end abruptly in the days to come. Extinction Rebellion (XR) occupiers received word today from their lawyer that WestFor Management Inc. has applied for an interim injunction intended to force the forest protectors to pack up and leave. That application is set to be heard in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia 9:30 a.m, this morning.