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PSA: We need you to call and email now to defend the mainland moose blockades

TIME SENSITIVE: Forestry company Westfor seeks injunction against forest protector blockade. (this morning, in court)

See also: Press release: Westfor applies for injunction against mainland moose blockades

We encourage you (NOW!!) to call or email your MLA, Department of Lands and Forestry, and Westfor to express support for those protecting our forests. If the injunction goes through, XRNS will not be able to encourage people to go to the blockade, or even perhaps to encourage them to call Westfor and demand they halt their clearcut. –BUT our issue is not with the company – it is with our own government who is hiding behind this corporation.

Some people at the camp are prepared and willing to defy the injunction and face arrest, doing the NS Dept of Lands and Forestry’s job for them, as the government continues to do nothing.

Our province has given approval to WestFor to make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by cutting down trees in the last remaining important habitat for the Endangered Mainland Moose -and because of the forest protectors, WestFor is upset that they cannot easily make these MILLIONS. $$$

They are in court today, in a ONE-SIDED hearing, trying to get an injunction to stop these good folks from protecting trees on Crown Land, in noble efforts to save the last of the mainland moose.


You are free to call and express dismay at the behaviour of the company, and call the government to express disapproval.

Talking Points:

The NS Government needs to:

  • Implement the Lahey Report
  • Uphold it’s duties to Species at Risk (Mainland moose) -as required by Supreme Court – this habitat near New France Digby County is known to be important habitat for the endangered mainland moose – yet DLF refuses to admit that.
  • They are quick to cut, and destroy, yet slow to implement the measures needed to protect Species at Risk.
  • Implement Sustainable forestry practices immediately!

ASK WestFor to voluntarily suspend the harvests in the Crown Lands near New France, Digby County, since the area should be a proper UNESCO buffer zone.

Call WestFor – the company in charge of logging – at 902 210 7073 Marcus Zwicker, General Manager and also at 902-530-2362

AND Dept of Lands and Forestry – Minister Derek Mombourquette: (902) 424-5935 (Halifax main office) and Sydney office: 902-562-8870

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, Please, CALL NOW, and email here (easy copy/paste)











PLUS add YOUR MLA -find your MLA contact info here: https://nslegislature.ca/members/profiles/contact