We talk with Sadie Beaton of the Ecology Action Centre, who put together a brand new five part podcast series on environmental justice and environmental racism everywhere, but with a focus on Nova Scotia. She talked with some fascinating folks, and the series promises to be truly excellent. A new podcast will be issued each Thursday, starting tomorrow. Sadie will write a brief intro, and offer some further reading suggestions for each one, and we are very happy she allowed us to share these write-ups on the Nova Scotia Advocate website. Stay tuned.    

Doubled the readership, published 400 stories, found 50 new writers, received one threatening letter by a lawyer, many more sustainers, and $6,000 in the pockets of freelance journalists. Not a bad year at all. Also, our top-ten stories for the year. All thanks to you, dear readers and sustainers, thank you so very much, and may the new year bring you nothing but joy and victories!

About paywalls, and why we don’t have one. Also about how the website is doing. This story mostly targets nice people with some money to spare.

A problematic story in the Chronicle Herald about a staffer’s transphobic comments causes reporter Rebecca Rose to take an in depth look at the harm they cause and and how to counteract them. She also looks at the significant policy changes that triggered the comments, and how these changes came about. But no matter how good the policy changes and staff training, decarceration and community inclusion remain the best solution, advocates say.