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You have *Unlimited* articles left for the month of October

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Here we are asking for your help again. Sorry to bother you, dear readers, but just consider it the price for not having a paywall in front of the NS Advocate, and never running out of free articles.

Our work is supported by a small community of kindhearted people. Last year we paid our freelance writers some $8000, this year it will be roughly the same. There’s also cost for technical support, server, and so on. No money for me, which is fine, I get a pension.

As our readership continues to grow by leaps and bounds, more people want to write for us as well. 

Some folks don’t mind writing for us for free, they want to get the message out. That’s wonderful, and we are very grateful. Others need the money and cannot afford to make that gesture. Lately I am turning down deserving pitches because the money isn’t there.

Meanwhile, it’s a constant effort to stop our super generous donor community from shrinking.

Donors stop donating for all kinds of reasons. Circumstances change, or they don’t like us anymore, or (most often) their credit card expires and they don’t get around to updating their Paypal profile.

Some people suggest we put up a paywall. That will never happen. Many of our readers are poor and can’t afford it, no matter how little we would charge. And anyways, we want our articles to be read by as many people as possible, because we want to make a difference. 

So, if you visit the website regularly and sort of like what you see, please help us as we continue to grow and cover the news other media don’t think all that important. 

You can make monthly and one-time donations here. Email me at If you prefer a cheque or transfer.