We take a look at the provincial parties’ responses to a social justice questionnaire, zooming in on commitments around welfare and people who work for very low wages. And some other observations.

Politicians often take license with the truth, that’s just the way the world works. But sometimes they go too far. Statements by Brendan Maguire, Liberal MLA for Halifax Atlantic, are of that latter variety.

Assessed for job readiness by Community Services? Kendall Worth is worried, and he knows what he is talking about because he has been assessed countless times, right from Grade 5 to the present. “If Community Services really wanted to hire a first voice person to design this assessment, I could create this assessment with my own two hands,” says Kendall.

After learning more about Community Services planned changes to the way it delivers welfare the Benefits Reform Action Group sent a letter to all MLAs. They’re very worried about the direction the ESIA transformation project is taking.