The last weir, this weekend’s video, is a beautiful and heart wrenching documentary on the end of weir fishing in the Bay of Fundy.

Ad Astra Comix, the Canadian publisher of comics with social justice themes, is traveling across North America to foster a community of political comics artists, writers and readers. On Thursday they visit Halifax.

HRM’s Municipal Operations unit is a bad place to work, especially if you’re Black, queer or a woman, says an independent consultant who reviewed the workplace for diversity and inclusion. African Nova Scotians experience harassment and racism, homophobia is a problem, and only 4 percent of the full time workforce are women. Ongoing cutbacks are part of the problem.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers, probably more than any other Canadian union, has asked how its workers can become more socially responsible, greener and more accountable to the citizens who ultimately own Canada Post. I went to an event that the Friends of Public Services and CUPW organized to talk about some of the options.