Poverty Weekend Video

Weekend video. Four feet up

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Meet eight-year old Isaiah, master drawer, amateur naturalist, all round exceptional kid. And meet Isaiah’s siblings and his loving parents as they struggle through a life of poverty in the Annapolis Valley.


This documentary by Nova Scotia’s own Nance Ackerman  will move you to tears and spur anger at decades of inaction by politicians and bureaucrats.

That anger would be a good thing, our province surely could use a bit more of that anger.

“They try so hard to make it, but nobody seems to care,” says a social worker close to the family.

We’ve featured many wonderful weekend videos over the last year or so. This is one of the very best!

Click here to watch the documentary on the National Film Board web site.



  1. I have watched this documentary a number of times over the past few years and introduced others to it.
    A creative, professional, and touching documentary.
    I would be interested in learning of any follow up on this unique documentary.

  2. Please do a follow up documentary! Love this film but need to know what happened ho Isaiah! Thank you,
    Deborah Peters
    Nursing student

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