Healthcare Inclusion Weekend Video

Weekend video: Map of me

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – I developed a heart regularity over the last 10 years or so. And they tell me it is probably a medication I took. You know, I think if it was the medication, that would suck too.

But I think it’s probably not that. I think it’s because my heart is so stressed, you know. From not being seen. Like I actually think it’s kind of broken.

Map of me, a wonderful dramatized documentary, is about Jamie, a young woman who lives with mental health problems and ends up in jail, and Sarah, her twin sister who tries to understand how it happened and wonders how they drifted apart.

It’s based on the findings of Hope not jail a Halifax-based group that wants to raise the awareness of people like Jamie, people who are being criminalized because of their illness, rather than supported.

Laura Burke wrote and directed the film and and plays both sisters. Here‘s a great profile on Burke by Zane Woodford of  Metro Halifax.

Stephanie Young filmed and edited Map of me. We plan to feature more of Young’s excellent work in future editions of Weekend Video.

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