After days of pressure from the African Nova Scotian community the Chronicle Herald made some changes to its story on boxer Jaye Byard . The story contained many anti-Black stereotypes.

Both Saltwire and Postmedia might not be in such dire straits if their management had not already made so many terrible strategic and financial decisions, including reducing the numbers of journalists they employ. But they receive generous federal funding, while small outfits like Briarpatch are not getting a penny, writes Dr. Fiona McQuarrie, author and Professor in the School of Business at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Cape Breton Regional Police (CBRP) have charged eighteen men with communicating for the purpose of obtaining sexual services in Sydney, Cape Breton, the Chronicle Herald and the Cape Breton Post report. As usual, police is quoted extensively, and sex workers are never asked how they feel about it.