I had this weekend’s video all picked and ready to go. Something really good, but grim, bound to leave you angry. Well, I changed my mind. Instead we offer a big league beautiful documentary on Mi’kmaq artist Alan Syliboy as he paints his mural in the Halifax International Airport.

Frequent Nova Scotia Advocate contributor Tim Blades on his experience with the wonderful Halifax Humanities program, and how it offers so much more than an educational experience alone. “Halifax Humanities takes people who might be socially isolated, and brings them together. Halifax Humanities, with its policy of accessibility and inclusion makes it all possible.”

Judy Haiven speaks at the Law Amendments Committee regarding Bill 75. “What does this Liberal government prioritise? Convention centres? Giveaways to the banks, giveaways to the Department of Business and Nova Scotia Business Inc, which dispenses millions in pay roll rebates and other breaks for business?”

Lana Payne, Atlantic Regional Director of Unifor, offers an exceptionally clear analysis of the teachers’ strike, what is driving Stephen McNeil, and what needs to be done to stop him. “We must be as relentless in our efforts as the Liberals have been in their attacks. And we must be extra vigilant in mobilizing, organizing and building solidarity. We simply have no choice.”