This is a story as told to us by Ellen Gaudet, who suggests all is not well with long term care in Nova Scotia. Several years ago Gaudet’s parents both resided in a long term care facility in Halifax. When Gaudet noticed things didn’t seem right she spoke up. Neither the facility nor the government really wanted to hear what she had to say. “I want to encourage other people to not abandon their loved ones,” she concludes.

Today we feature Black Sheroes, a poem by El Jones. “If you’re only telling the history of Black men then there’s a half that you missed.”

This week’s weekend video is a trailer for an excellent documentary on Syrian refugees that is coming to Halifax this Monday. Unlike most weekend videos this one is not particularly Nova Scotia-ish, but it my website, and I do what I want to. I even manage to sneak in a link to Kate Evans, my favourite cartoonist/artist.

Former Streat Feat writer Judy Deal on a great variety of topics that all have poverty in common. “We all should be treated with grace and dignity, no matter who one may seem. You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

Shall I go or shall I stay? Poverty advocate Kendall Worth feels he has to choose between what is perhaps a brighter future in Ontario and the Nova Scotia that he loves, home to his beloved niece and nephew, his family, friends and fellow advocates. We at the Nova Scotia Advocate hope he decides to stay. We need more fighters like him, not fewer.