Healthcare Inclusion Weekend Video

Weekend video: Women of substance

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – This weekend we present Women of Substance, shot by director Nance Ackerman and produced by the (former) South Shore District Health Authority.

As everything by Ackerman this short film is full of warmth and telling little details. It’s the fourth documentary by Ackerman we feature on the Nova Scotia Advocate, and each one is a gem.

It is about women dealing with addiction issues in Nova Scotia, but everywhere really.

Women progress more rapidly towards substance abuse than men. There are many reasons for this, and the documentary touches upon some. Metabolism, society’s expectations, keeping up with the boys.

Nova Scotia is also the province where as recently as in 2010 the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission identified young women as having a high potential for increased sales of alcohol.   

Once hooked, there is stigma to deal with, and stereotypes, maybe more so in rural Nova Scotia. But as the documentary shows, you can leave addiction behind.

As one of these featured women says, “Everybody has voice. Everybody has the ability to stand up and say I am a person. I am not that addiction, that little girl that was hurt as a child or abused. They are more than that.”

Check it out.

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