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Weekend video: The Scotch Village history project

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Scotch Village, in Hants County, has a long history shaped by its original Mi’kmaq inhabitants, Acadians, African Nova Scotians, and Planters’ descendants.  In July 2017 people from these communities met to commemorate and celebrate their diverse but intersecting histories.

People came together not to deny the often violent and racist nature of these interactions through time, but to recognize, take stock, and to begin to understand one another. And to have a really good time.

The event was initiated by Carolyn van Gurp, my endlessly energetic sister in law. Other great people featured in the video include Dorene Bernard, Saidu and Umar Timbo, Dr. Afua Cooper, Darcell Cromwell, Pastor RIck Manuel, and Acadian historian Bill Gerrior.  The video was produced by Jeff Wheaton.

The past teaches us resilience, it teaches us strength, it teaches courage, it teaches us to hold memory dear to ourselves. And so we can grasp a great vision of what we want to see in the future, of how we want to live our lives with our fellow people.  Dr. Afua Cooper

Check it out. Happy new year!

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