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Media release: AIMS has no business in public education, says teacher group

Educators for Social Justice is concerned about the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies‘ (AIMS) efforts to capitalize on the Nova Scotia Liberal government’s recent education reforms.

“Teachers have been saying all along that schools are not a business,” said Dr. Pamela Rogers, a PhD in education and English teacher at Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford. “AIMS’ represents the wealthiest business interests in Nova Scotia. There is zero diversity on its board of directors. Their record shows they are much more concerned with standardized testing and getting businesses access to public schools, than they are with quality, well-rounded education and increasing equity in school programs.”

“AIMS’ agenda has always been about privatization,” adds Paul Wozney, also a teacher at Charles P. Allen. They’ve pushed the charter school model for years, which the U.S. and U.K. experience shows does not improve education and in fact can exacerbate socioeconomic inequality.”

“Until recently AIMS was publishing school ‘rankings’ based on standardized test scores,” said Angela Gillis, a teacher at St. Stephen’s Elementary School in Halifax. They seem to have stopped because all it showed was how schools in wealthy areas consistently scored higher than schools in poorer areas. Yet AIMS steadfastly opposes policies like minimum wage increases, which would do so much to help the one-fifth of our province’s students who live in poverty.”

Members of Educators for Social Justice will be available to speak to media at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 15th in front of the Halifax Central Library, before attending an event organized by AIMS on education reform.

Educators for Social Justice is an independently organized caucus of Nova Scotia Teachers and allies. For more information see our website: