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News release: The Black press tradition in Nova Scotia

Please visit the Acadia Art Gallery over the period April 5th to 12th to see an exploration of the Black Press tradition in Nova Scotia in the small gallery space. The exhibit, put together by recent Acadia graduate Sawyer Carnegie, is titled “The Nova Scotia Black Press Tradition: Resisting through Print.”

It features an original copy of Nova Scotia’s first Black newspaper, The Atlantic Advocate (1910s) on loan from the Esther Clark Wright Archives here at Acadia, and prints from The Nova Scotia Gleaner (1920s), The Clarion (1940s), and Coppertone, a news magazine (1960s). This gallery show, which is part of a larger SSHRC-funded project titled “Canada’s 19th Century Black Press: Roots & Trajectories of Exceptional Communication & Intellectual Activism,” is but a small glimpse into the tradition of the Black Press, to celebrate its existence, its resistance, and its legacy.

Please note the Gallery is closed Mondays, but is open Tuesdays – Sundays 12-4pm. Please share with your networks.

Check out the show’s catalogue here: The Black Press Gallery Exhibit