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Glyphosate spraying resumes in Nova Scotia forests

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – The Department of Environment has issued six new approvals for glyphosate spraying covering about 1,351 hectares.

In forest management glyphosate kills the hardwood, that pulp-producing forestry companies do not want.

Last summer similar glyphosate applications were controversial, with many residents of rural Nova Scotia worried about unwanted  effects on their own health and the forests’ ecosystem.

These concerns were shrugged off by the department, and the forestry companies who stand to benefit from the spraying programs. Scientists are divided on whether the herbicide is safe and many of its long term effects on woodlands, soils and animals remain unknown.

The approvals are all for forestry. Three are for aerial and three are for ground spraying, a news release issued on Friday states.

Three previously issued multi-year approvals also allow spraying this year.

Detailed approvals posted on the department’s website identify lands in Antigonish, Guysborough, Colchester, Cumberland and Pictou Counties.

Two more applications are pending, according to Friday’s news release.

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  1. World Health Organization has declared glyphosate to be cancer-causing. This week in California a verdict will be reached in the first case against Monsanto for a man who has cancer caused by spraying glyphosate. Robert Kennedy Jr is one of the attorneys and says he alone has 800 more cases.
    What these idiotic companies and corrupted governments are doing is nothing short of criminal

  2. Cannot believe Nova Scotia would allow the spraying of this toxic chemical on its forests, damaging land, water and animals. Glyphosate is banned in much of the world.

  3. Glyphosate is a patented potent antibiotic The patent is U S patent 777 1736
    Round Up or similar products which are made up of glyphosate plus surfactants and adjuvants has been proven scientifically to be at least 1000x more toxic to animal cells than glyphosate alone

  4. My heart hurts for the wildlife in NS. In Washington State this horrific practice has fueled the spread of the pathogen Cryptococcus and the death of many of the Roosevelt Elk herd to the point where their future is in doubt. Same with all kinds of critters on Vancouver Island. Not just wildlife but also dogs, cats and horses. Autopsies have tested positive for Cryptococcus which comes out and plays when the beneficial bacteria in the soil is destroyed by the antibiotic actions of the Glyphosate. Glyphosate is a registered antibiotic. US Patent #7771736. Antibiotics destroy bacteria and the beneficial bacteria that keeps the pathogens in the soil in check are extremely fragile. Same situation with Blastomycosis in North Western Ontario especially around Kenora. Wonder what pathogens may be fueled by the carpet bombing of the beneficial soil bacteria by Glyphosate in NS? Wonder what wildlife is paying the price with their lives in NS? I am not a lawyer so someone would have to explain to me how the Glyphosate Destruction of the soil health that results in the damage by these pathogens is nothing other than blatant and cruel Animal Abuse?

  5. Unnecessary and idiotic. Where are all the environmentalists, animal rights groups, anybody??? How can this be stopped?

  6. Where are all the animal rights groups and there’s no wonder there is so much CANCER all for the almighty dollar

    I’m going to be checking it out!
    I’ve had a hospital experience years ago when city was sprayed / caught me outside!!

  8. Its hard to believe that the idiots who authorize the spraying of this carcinogen have no worries for their children and their grandchildren or for any and all animals. Entire ecosystems will be spoiled and all because of the greed and ignorance of a few humans.

  9. This infuriates me! Glyphosate aka “round up” mimics the amino acid glycine in the body and actually crosses the blood brain barrier. Not only are NS forests, and animals being poisoned by this but also people. This glyphosate goes in the air, soil and water tables contaminating all of us. Glyphosate has been banned in Europe, yet this known carcinogen is sprayed all over NS with no thought to the ecosystem of the health of the people here. Unbelievable!

  10. Common sense should dictate that any substance that kills plants and bugs will also harm humans.
    We wonder why there are so many neurological / nerve diseases. We as humans are not capable of dealing with poisons and yet our government feels it has the right to do just that not to mention the damage to wild life.
    Becoming evironmentally ill is no joke, it is an unbelievably difficult life that is not validated or supported by health care and yet the government continues to bombard at will.

  11. Better get this information on tv and commercials so the public knows what the government is doing and put the information bluntly your going to get cancer and die from this and the wildlife your pets are going to die also it’s called the shock factor

    1. That’s $289 Million! Thousands of other cases are pending and the evidence has been accepted that Glyphosate is a carcinogen. I guess NS Dept of Environment has deep pockets, if they are willing to run this risk of liability!

  12. Corrupt idiots making bs decisions again! Money talks – no thought for the environment, our health, animals or anything really – just greedy stupid idiots making dumb decisions. Most sensible places have banned this poison, why is NS making such bad uninformed choices and caring so little for anyone. This stuff is poison to the environment, animals will die and water will get polluted. This has to stop. A bit like offshore drilling – no thought for anything but the money. I feel sorry for our children and the damage we are letting happen to our planet….

  13. where are all the Nova Scotians with common sense…gotta wonder who’s protecting who?

  14. Is there a way the public can stand up to stopping the spraying . this should never happen, its really scarey, how do we stop it?

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