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Weekend video: We story the land

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Set aside some 30 minutes or so for this week’s weekend video, We story the land, it will be 30 minutes well spent. After all, any documentary made by Martha Stiegman is worth watching, and We story the land is no exception.

The documentary follows seven paddlers from L’sɨtkuk (Bear River First Nation) as they travel inland following almost forgotten traditional Mi’kmaq canoe routes.

“I have always heard stories about the Old people who used to do this canoe run, and here we are in 2015 and our people are doing it again,” says co-director Sherry Pictou in the documentary as the paddlers take off.

“It’s not so much about reclaiming old canoe routes, it’s more about renewal. Because reclaiming something, you’re getting into those modes of property ownership, and you don’t own the land, you belong to the land.”


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