Delighted to present this wonderful poem by South Shore poet Peggie Graham, written for a One Billion Rising event in Lunenburg on International Women’s Day, and now one of the poems selected for our one-poem-a-month poetry competition.

The story of Nhlanhla Dlamini, the 21-year old Black worker from Pictou County who tells of being bullied at work and shot at with nail gun, has been widely reported. People in Halifax are trying to get some kind of action off the ground in support of Dlamini.

NSGEU news release on this morning’s announcement that QEII redevelopment, which include the eventual decommissioning of part of the Victoria General site and the construction of five new health care buildings in the Halifax area, will be using a P3 model. “This government has chosen the most expensive way to get this project done,” said NSGEU President Jason MacLean.

NDP Justice critic Claudia Chender on solitary confinement and other prison-related issues. “Our provincial jails are a black box. We have very little idea of what goes on behind those walls at all. It’s time for some transparency in our correctional system. It’s time for an independent review of the practice of solitary confinement. It’s time for the government to start listening.”

Nova Scotia Teachers Union president Paul Wozney writes on the intricacies of reporting on class size caps, and offers suggestions on improving transparency in terms of that important issue. “Now that elected school boards are gone, it’s imperative that parents are armed with the knowledge they need to advocate on behalf of their children. They must have the facts so they can hold the government directly accountable and ensure commitments that impact their children are met,” writes Wozney.