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Open letter to Justice minister Mark Furey about a hate crime in Pictou County

January 09, 2019

Mr. Mark Furey.
NS Minister of Justice
1690 Hollis Street
P.O. Box 7. Halifax,
Nova Scotia B3J 2L6


Dear Minister Furey:

Shawn Wade Hynes of Pictou County Nova Scotia was scheduled to appear in court at the Pictou County Courthouse (69 Water Street, Pictou, NS.) on January 7, 2019 at 9:30, but he nor his legal representation showed up. .

As you may remember, Shawn Wade Hynes is a caucasian man who was charged with criminal negligence causing bodily harm when he allegedly brutally shot young Nhlanhla Dlamini with a high velocity nail gun on September 19, 2018, on a construction site.  The nail partially collapsed Dlamini’s lung requiring emergency surgery where he had to spend 4-days in hospital.  

Many African Nova Scotians and allies argue that Shawn Wade Hynes should also be charged with a hate crime where this alleged crime is racially driven.

Hate crimes against young African Canadian youth are especially heinous.  Case in point, the alleged racial bullying, racist taunts and slights that culminated in Nhlanhla Dlamini almost loosing his life.

Hate crimes against persons of African descent are escalating in Canada and indeed Nova Scotia while authorities are failing to take a strong public stand against these intolerant actions…

In the Criminal Code, section 319 defines hate propaganda in two ways:

     “by communicating statements in any public place, (which) incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace;” and

     “by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, (which) willfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group.”

If one is found guilty of hate propaganda, one becomes “liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years,” or the charges are seen as “an offence punishable on summary conviction.”

Since the harassment Nhlanhla Dlamini faced was explicitly racially motivated, in a workplace where others were employed, many are left wondering why Hynes’ charges did not include aspects that are consistent with inciting hate, also known as committing a hate crime.

Whereas, the Department of Justice for the Province of Nova Scotia is said to be interested in securing, promoting and maintaining justice for all, be it resolved that the Department of Justice take the appropriate action to see that justice is served.

“ In closing, I am sure, if an African Nova Scotian male was scheduled to appear in court on such a serious charge (criminal negligence causing bodily harm) and did not do so, a bench warrant would have been issued right away.” Justice of Just Us?


Raymond Sheppard – Anti hate and human rights advocate

P.S. In 2010, two Nova Scotia men were found guilty of inciting hatred in a cross-burning incident near Windsor, N.S., in a precedent-setting case for Canada.

Good old Nova Scotia, it has the best racism Canada has to offer.


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  1. I went through Racial targeting against my family . My boss who i worked with was racial targeting my family members. When i went to talk to the head boss where i work she completely dismissed my concerns and within a week after our conversation i was unjustly removed from my job after 3,5 yrs driving a Bus for my Community. I am a Caucasian with Black children and Grandchildren. Because of my concerns i was more or less thrown under the Bus by being removed. Human rights is now involved and hopefully this concern will be dealt with, My heart goes out to this young man and his Family <3 Gotta love Nova Scotia when it comes to rights because this article is so true if it was a black man they would be picking him up and taking him to court. We need Justice Racism and ignorance should be all one word !!!!!!!!

  2. I myself as a white male, had my share of trouble so believe me when I say,if this was an African Canadian man who shot the other co-worker where would he be?Sitting in jail…..

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