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News release: Anti-racism rally and information session at Pictou County courthouse

January 9, 2019

New Glasgow, NSShawn Wade Hynes of Pictou County, Nova Scotia, was scheduled to appear in court at the Pictou County Courthouse (69 Water Street, Pictou, NS.) on January 7, 2019 at 9:30, but neither he nor his legal representative showed up. Judge Del Atwood failed to issue a bench warrant for Hynes arrest; instead he conveniently rescheduled another date (February 11, 2019) for Hynes to appear.

Raymond Sheppard, anti hate and pro human rights advocate says, “ I am sure, if an African Nova Scotian male was scheduled to appear in court on such a serious charge (criminal negligence causing bodily harm) and did not do so, a bench warrant would have been issued the day before.”  Justice of Just Us?

Shawn Wade Hynes is a Caucasian man who was charged with criminal negligence causing bodily harm when he allegedly brutally shot young Nhlanhla Dlamini with a high velocity nail gun on September 19, 2018, on a construction site.  The nail partially collapsed Dlamini’s lung requiring emergency surgery where he had to spend 4-days in hospital.   It is reported that Hynes is back on the job with PQ Properties, if so this speaks volumes about racism.

Many African Nova Scotians and allies argue that Shawn Wade Hynes should also be charged with a hate crime where this alleged crime was racially driven.

Hate crimes against young African Canadian youth are especially heinous.  Case in point, the alleged racial bullying, racist taunts and slights that culminated in Nhlanhla Dlamini almost loosing his life.

Hate crimes against persons of African descent are escalating in Canada and indeed in Nova Scotia while authorities are failing to take a strong public stand against these intolerant actions…

To protest anti-Black racism in Pictou County and Judge Atwood’s apparent disregard for Black Lives Matter, African Nova Scotians and allies will hold a protest and information session on Friday January 18, 2019, at 1pm in front of the Pictou County Courthouse (69 Water Street, Pictou, NS.).

For more information please contact Mr. Raymond Sheppard,



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