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Media release: If APL gets 79 more units how many more affordable housing units for HRM?

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) APL’s proposed Willow Tree Development at the corner of Robie and Quinpool will be the subject of a public information session on Thursday June 6, 7pm Halifax Forum.

Originally APL Properties Ltd’s approved development was for 209 apartment units. Later APL returned to HRM staff to ask for 295 apartments at the corner of Robie and Quinpool. Now HRM documents indicate the developer will have 288 units – nearly a 30% increase in the units and in developer’s profits. Will HRM require a re-negotiation of the number of affordable housing units?

During the approval process two public hearings were to consider a 20-storey building. Despite huge public opposition to 20-storeys, Area Councillor Shawn Cleary brokered a deal for a 25-storey building in exchange for 10 affordable housing units for 15 years.  

Over 200 people were present at the two public hearings in 2018 to speak against the proposal.  Approximately 860 members of the public signed cards opposing the building but the the HRM clerks office counted the 860 as “one” because the Willow Tree Group collected and submitted them on behalf of the signatories. Additionally dozens of letters were submitted by private citizens who opposed the proposal.

The continued erosion of the Mayor and Council’s commitment to public duty and public benefits is on-going.