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News brief: Halifax counter–demo shows NCA the door

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – An effort by far right members of the National Citizens Alliance (NCA) to spout their hate speech in downtown Halifax this afternoon was unsuccessful.

NCA leader Stephen Garvey not accomplishing much of anything . Photo Robert Devet

The three NCA members who showed up were greatly outnumbered, as some 150 Nova Scotians were waiting for them on Parade Square, in front of City Hall, the location where the NCA intended to hold its demonstration.

Without resorting to violence the crowd easily drowned and crowded out any effort by NCA leader Stephen Garvey to get heard.

The NCA likes to present as mainstream conservative movement, merely wanting to put some limits on immigration and being all in favour of freedom of speech. But  you don’t have to scratch very deeply to find the most vile and hateful social media messages by its members, including some present today.

Halifax police handcuffed and presumably arrested one demonstrator who knocked off Garvey’s baseball hat.  

Halifax police arrests person for the crime of knocking off a baseball hat. Photo Robert Devet

After circling the square and the adjacent street blocks, followed closely by the crowd, the three NCA members left, and this reporter went home.

I hear that the NCA returned to the Grand Parade later, but left again after a scuffle with demonstrators who were still there. But before Halifax police arrested one or more additional anti-fascist demonstrators.

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Regardless, the message was clear. No matter how much we assure immigrants and refugees that they are welcome here, sometimes words aren’t enough. Sometimes you have to show it.

And that’s what Halifax did today.

Photo Robert Devet

The NCA plans to visit Truro on Thursday, but there too a counter rally is being organized.

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This good dog says No pasaran. Photo Robert Devet

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  1. Knock off his hat again. Well done protestors. Canadians died in WW 2 to stop this crap in Europe. We won’t allow it right here!

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