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Media advisory: Halifax vigil and solidarity rally to honour the victims of the June 3rd Sudan massacre

HALIFAX, NS – The Sudanese community in Nova Scotia has been watching the events back home with horror and praying for their families’ safety. The Sudanese military continues to crack down on peaceful protesters. Iconic images of the female protester in white, dubbed as “Nubian Queen”, has peaked the world’s interest. Shortly after these positive events, the June 3rd massacre shocked the entire nation & its diaspora, with alarming reports of execution-style killings, torture, rape, bodies thrown into the Nile River, and more horrifying crimes against unarmed civilians.

In response, the Sudanese community is organizing a vigil to commemorate the martyrs and a rally to raise awareness about the situation. It’s symbolically taking place on the eve of a million person march in Sudan scheduled for June 30th. A prayer will be recited by an Imam and statements will be made by local MPs. Media coverage abroad is crucial for the success of the revolution. It counteracts the Internet blackout in Sudan that is preventing people on ground from communicating their stories. The last Internet server was recently shut down, completing a dark ring over Sudan. 

The resilience of the Sudanese people in the face of these injustices cannot go unnoticed. 

What: A vigil and rally to stand in solidarity with Sudan.

Who: The Sudanese community in Nova Scotia.  We’ve invited local activist and former poet laureate, El Jones, to perform a spoken word piece. 

When: Saturday June 29, 2019. 5:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m.

Where: Grand Parade Square, 1770 Barrington St, Halifax, NS.

Photo/Video Opportunity: The event will feature a memorial stand, where blue paper doves with the names of martyrs will be placed in the middle of Grand Parade as each name is read off.

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