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Press release: Women’s Wellness Within statement on death of Gregory Hiles

August 27, 2019 (K’jiuktuk – Halifax, NS) – Women’s Wellness Within requests an immediate meeting with Minister of Health Randy Delorey regarding the hanging of Gregory Hiles, found dead in his cell last week at the East Coast Forensic Hospital. We call for a public inquiry into his death and all deaths of people held in provincial custody. We call for the Province to answer the questions raised by Mr. Hiles’ mother Sheila Hiles.

Details on the death of Mr. Hiles’ published here:

Earlier this summer, Mr. Hiles filed a habeus corpus application against the ECFH over the cruel and unusual treatment to which he was subjected as a patient. He was denied open visits with his mother and his children and experienced isolation and overly restrictive conditions.

Women’s Wellness Within works for reproductive justice for people experiencing criminalization in Nova Scotia. We object to the Province’s practice of routinely denying contact visits in carceral facilities including ECFH and the adjacent Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility. 

By provincial and international law, including the United Nations Mandela Rules, the Province is required to provide health service to incarcerated people. Mr. Hiles was denied appropriate care. He was treated unjustly. He died because of it. 

We demand forensic patients and incarcerated people receive health care to community standards. 

Contact: Martha Paynter RN 9022927082,