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Media release: No to 8-storey parkade on North Side of Museum of Natural History


“for the use of the inhabitants of the town of Halifax as Common forever” (1763-2020)

April 7, 2020 

Mayor Mike Savage and HRM Council
PO Box 1749, Halifax,
NS B3J 3A5 

Re : Halifax Common: Provincial Parking Garage Proposal for the Halifax Infirmary at the NS Museum Site 

We understand that the above-noted matter will come before Council, with a staff report, on Thursday April 9.  A news report today said that there is a revised proposal from the Province: not to build a 7-storey parkade on the south side of the Natural History Museum; but to build an 8-storey on the north side of the Museum; and, to join the Hospital to the new parking garage by way of a pedway above Summer Street.

We ask the Council to adopt resolutions to:

1. Remind the Province that in its unilateral original proposal it did not abide by the agreement made in 2008 between HRM and the Province to consult over any proposed new uses for Halifax Common land;

2. Reaffirm that the 1968 conveyance of the land at “City Field” from the City of Halifax to the province was required for a Nova Scotia Museum and was “made available to the Province for such a purpose”, not a parking garage;

3. State the intention of HRM not to facilitate the placement of a parking garage or pedway on any land adjacent to the Museum; and

4. Affirm the preference of HRM that any expansion or reconfiguration of Halifax Infirmary buildings take place exclusively within the confines of the considerable Halifax Common land now occupied by it (bounded by Robie St, Bell Road, Summer St, and Veterans Memorial Lane). 

The latter point is supported by ~2,900 citizens who petitioned you in February 2020 to not allow expansion of any components of the Halifax Infirmary to the east side (Natural History Museum side) of Summer Street rather keep all expansion of the facility to the land assembly (21.5 acres) currently held by the Province to the west side (hospital side) of Summer St that includes the former Queen Elizabeth High School and CBC TV properties.

Thank you.

Peggy Cameron 

on behalf of Friends of Halifax Common Executive