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In praise of Adsum for Women and Children

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Just want to share this Facebook post  written by a mother who, with help from Adsum for Women and Children, is about to move into one of Adsum’s apartment units. This after 9 months of couch surfing, and despite the horrible pandemic that makes everything more difficult. 

“My daughter is ecstatic…I have been telling her that her and I will be getting an apartment of our own… We will call it our clubhouse and we can make it pretty, just the way we want it. 

I had to tell her after I realized the housing crisis, that she wouldn’t be getting her own bedroom but that we would buy bunk beds for her and I (there a bunk bed that has double on bottom and twin on top) because she was upset about sharing a room but excited for a bunk bed with mommy.

She has been losing faith in getting a ‘clubhouse’…Kids are so understanding. As upset that it was taking so long as she was, she rubbed my back and said “I know you’re really trying! You can do it, I believe In you’.

I feel very alone in life right now but as long as my child knows that she is my drive to keep going, as long as she is there to be my cheerleader and me, hers, I am going to persevere. Having this organization behind me is making life feel less lonely and gives a real light of relief.”

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Organizations such as Adsum need our support, now more than ever. You can make a financial donation, or check out adsumforwomen.org/covid-19 for updates on the needs of the organization and the emergency pop-up shelter during its COVID-19 response.

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