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Never is an option, a poem by Angela Bowden

City planners visit Africville prior to its demolition. Photo Bob Brooks/Nova Scotia Archives
They can hang an innocent man
They can gang an innocent man
They can even walk away without a blemish
For their crimes

They can shoot an innocent man
They can loot from every man
They can even keep the proceeds
Of their crimes

They ignore all their disaster
Pretend that they are still not masters
Hell, the wheels are spinning faster
With heirs rising to the throne
Prophecy of our oppression
Designed a  legacy of obsession
producing children of this disease
To carry on

Just like their daddies
Carry on

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Angela Bowden is a frequent contributor to the Nova Scotia Advocate. She is one of the talented writers selected for this year’s Alistair MacLeod Mentorship Program, offered by the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia. Angee’s voice has always been unique and vital, it’s only getting more so over time.

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