Media release Poverty Racism

Media release: Operation Black Lives Matter North Preston Strong

Like all African Nova Scotian communities, North Preston, the largest Indigenous African Nova Scotian Community, has been besieged with racism and injustice. Some North Preston Seniors/Elders still do not have deeds to their Properties, although funds (2.5m) were supposedly given by the Government of Nova Scotia to deal with this situation in North Preston and other African Nova Scotian communities.

The RCMP Detachment/Community Office in the Community of North Preston do not seem to follow protocol and do not “Serve and Protect” the residents of North Preston. The Government of Canada should review and redirect some of the nearly ten million dollars that is utilized by the RCMP across Canada on a daily basis to support Community Development in North Preston and other African Canadian communities. Equally, the Commissioner for the RCMP in Canada should acknowledge the presence of systematic racism within the RCMP. Equally, the unsolved murders of Black men in the community seems less than a priority for police.

Youth unemployment in North Preston before Covid 19, was at double digits and now it is through the roof. The media and Premier of Nova Scotia continue to single out North Preston therefore adding to years of negative perceptions. There is also the unfair disproportionate number of African Nova Scotians including some from North Preston incarcerated.

Based on the above issues and many others, a rally will be held on August 01, 2020, at the Cenotaph next to the North Preston Recreation Center. This rally is scheduled to begin at 2p,m, This rally is hosted by Descendants of African Americans Living in Nova Scotia / Nova Scotia Black Wall Street and THE NORTH PRESTON ACTION COMMITTEE (with representation of all parts of North Preston).