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PSA: Halifax still stands with water protectors!

It’s auction time again!

Because it’s 2020 and everything’s upside down, this year is going to be a little different – and a faster turnaround!

Due to Covid, this year’s auction will be online.  We’re going to follow the lead of the 1492 Land Back Auction and use facebook as a platform.  (If you’re not on facebook but would still like to donate, please be in touch and we’ll help you participate!)

Details about how it will work are included below.  We would love it if you’d consider donating something to the Halifax Stands With Water Protectors Online Auction.  The auction will run until December 6.  We’re hoping to get as many items up as possible within the next week!

For more than five years, Mi’kmaq water protectors have held a continuous presence along the Shubenacadie River, where Alton Gas intends to dump the equivalent of 3000 tonnes of hard salt every day.  A court challenge launched by three Mi’kmaq grandmothers asserting treaty rights is underway.  For now, Alton has been forbidden to do work on the site until the company adequately consults with the Sipekne’katik First Nation.   

The battle to protect the Shubenacadie River and honour treaty rights is not over yet, but we are getting closer to a win.  It is so important to continue to support water protectors during this time.  

Here’s how it’s going to work:

We’ve created this Facebook group. Please join it and invite all your friends to join as well! If you’re not on Facebook but want to participate, contact us at stopatlongas@gmail.com.

– post ONE photo of the item you’d like to donate. 
– do not post using ‘facebook marketplace’
– include a description of the item and whether you or the winning bidder will pay for shipping the item.  It’s also helpful to include an approximate value and if you can deliver in Halifax/Truro etc.  

– post your bid in the comment section of the item (NOT as a reply)
– there is no minimum or incremental bidding requirements
– bidding is open as soon as an item is posted and will close on Dec 6 at 5pm AST.  
– the last big posted by 5pm on Dec 6 will be the winner.  
– winning bidders will be tagged on the post and will submit payment once the auction closes.  (Payment instructions will come later)

– donors will ship or make delivery arrangements with the winning bidder after receiving payment confirmation
– once the auction team receives payment, we will notify the donor, and the donor and the winning bidder will connect to arrange shipping or delivery

This year is going to be different, but we’re still hoping to raise lots of money to support water protectors.  Please donate and bid if you can, and spread the word!

This auction is run by members of Solidarity with Alton Gas Resistance (SWAGR). All money raised goes towards supporting water protectors in their fight to protect the Shubenacadie River and to assert their treaty rights to this land.

If you have any questions please contact stopaltongas@gmail.com or comment here in the Facebook group.

With gratitude,