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Weekend video: I can feel safe at night

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Halifax Mutual Aid is a group of anonymous volunteers who started building small wooden box-like shelters, well-built, insulated, with a door that can be locked and other thoughtful features. 

We wrote about the initiative in early December, and also published the group’s manifesto at that time.

You’ll remember councillors Waye Mason and Sam Austin clutching their pearls and taking to Twitter to threaten the removal of a second crisis shelter in Dartmouth, ostensibly because it wasn’t occupied the moment it was installed.

Well, that storm blew over, and as this video shows, Andrew, one of the folks supported by Halifax Mutual Aid, is pleased.

“This is the most beautiful thing I have seen anyone do,” he says. Much more than the city ever did for me, he adds.

Find out more, including how you can support Halifax Mutual Aid, here, or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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