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Press release: Save Owls Head Facebook group passes 5,000 member-mark

For immediate release: April 19, 2021

Support for saving Owls Head Provincial Park is increasing across the province, as demonstrated by the continued growth of the grassroots Facebook group, “Save Little Harbour/Owls Head from Becoming a Golf Courses.” 

“On April 18, we passed the 5,000 member-mark,” said Sydnee McKay, founder of the Facebook group. “People all over the province are learning from Owls Head Provincial Park that the provincial government is a threat to our network of parks and protected areas. There are nearly 200 other provincial parks, nature reserves, and wilderness areas that our government could secretly delist and offer to sell – just like it did with Owls Head Provincial Park.”

McKay said that the rapid growth and continued expansion of the group gives her hope that people will persuade the government to save Owls Head Provincial Park, and all the other threatened areas. “I grew up next to Owls Head Provincial Park,” McKay explains. “So after I read Michael Gorman’s first article on December 18, 2019, I knew I had to do something. The very next day, I started the Facebook group. It’s just incredible that more than 5,000 Nova Scotians have signed up to protect our province, with more coming on every day.” 

Supporters of Owls Head have also been funding the legal case (Bancroft v. Lands and Forestry) challenging the province’s secret decision-making. In 2020, everyday citizens contributed over $27,000 so the judicial review could go forward. The first step of the trial required $15,000, which supporters fully funded in just six days. The group has just started gathering written signatures on a formal petition calling on the government to protect Owls Head Provincial Park and all of the provincial parks, wilderness areas, and nature reserves awaiting designation.



  1. Well done Sydnee, Chris, Barb, Bob, Jamie and everyone else who has joined and or otherwise shone a light on this very important issue regarding the custody and safekeeping of public assets. Keep up the great work everyone and to the rest of Nova Scotia, please join us.

  2. All across the province, our parks are at risk. The government portrays undesignated areas as provincial parks, nature reserves, and wilderness areas – just like it did with Owls Head Provincial Park. It’s extremely difficult for the public to know which sites have formal protection and which are still awaiting designation. If you think Nova Scotians deserve better, please come join us.





  3. Well done folks…you are doing such a great job and so encouraging to have so many people coming aboard as members.

  4. Shame on the Nova Scotia Government for being so secretive .Govts are supposed to represent the people who vote for them ,protect the environment we live in both humans and other beings ,plants, trees ocean ,lakes and all. This obsession with golf at the price of nature has to go .Time to get your head out of the sand and think about our collective future and the future of our children ,grandchildren and beyond. As my grand- daughter commented ” my grandmother is an activist” ,when I recently made a sign and went to protest at the law courts ,rain and all. Please reconsider where you are going, in destroying this wonderful area, a piece of heaven.

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