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Press release: CCLA to challenge Nova Scotia’s protest injunction


May 28, 2021

TORONTO – The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) will challenge the Government of Nova Scotia’s exceptionally broad injunction limiting protests in the province. The current injunction restricts freedom of expression, freedom of association, and freedom of peaceful assembly.

“We tried to work with the government to modify the injunction,” said Cara Zwibel, Director of Fundamental Freedoms at the CCLA. “The government did not accept our proposed changes to refine the injunction so we will seek to set it aside or vary it through the courts.”

“The injunction currently bans all protests in the province – including socially distanced protests, such as driving protests. It is an indefinite ban on freedom of assembly and freedom of expression that is unjustifiable.”

“This didn’t need to be contentious or costly to taxpayers – this is a problem that could have been easily fixed if the government was willing to recognize that fundamental rights and public health protocols can and must coexist. We look forward to presenting our case before the court,” concluded Zwibel.

The lawyers representing the CCLA in this matter are Nasha Nijhawan from Nijhawan McMillan Petrunia LLP and Benjamin Perryman. 


Court Documents:

Standing Notice of Motion

CCLA Affidavit

Brief as filed

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