Danny Cavanagh, president of the NS Federation of Labour, is pleased with the recommendations in the universal pharmacare report. Now it is a matter of making sure politicians get the message that we want universal public pharmacare, and that we want it now, writes Cavanagh.

Danny Cavanagh: “Our premiers make choices every day and its time we demand they start and make the choices to help the most vulnerable in our society. Tax cuts to the wealthy have not helped, they have created a revenue problem. It’s time to tax the wealthy so they pay their fair share. It is time to step up and help those at the bottom with real reform.”

“Minister Hines, Nova Scotia taxpayers must not be on the hook to pay for US Customs officers in Bar Harbor Maine. It is appalling that the US Customs and Border Protection services expect Bay Ferries to pay for upwards of ten additional customs agents to staff the terminal.  It’s even more appalling that our Nova Scotia government would even think about footing this cost,” writes NS Federation of Labour president Danny Cavanagh. “We would also ask that you challenge both Bay Ferries and the USA Customs Services if we continue to do business with them to not put workers in danger by working in a building or buildings that may contain asbestos and PCBs.”

“Can we just race down the highway? Rob a bank? Steal from a store? Of course not. How then can the government pass legislation that is against our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?” Danny Cavanagh on legislating postal workers engaged in rotating strikes back to work.